Past Directors


John Slatin

Director CRL




Peg Syverson

Director CWRL



Clay Spinuzzi

Director CWRL



Diane Davis

Director DWRL



Former DWRL Staff Members

The following have played an important role in the lab over the last several years. They are not currently staffing in the lab, but they are still graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Jeffrey Boruszak
  • Megan Gianfagna
  • Lauren Grewe
  • Lisa Gulesserian
  • Hannah Harrison
  • Steven LeMieux
  • Rachel Mazique
  • Regina Mills
  • Duncan Moench
  • Scott Nelson
  • Aubrey Plourde
  • Jake Ptacek
  • Audra Roach
  • Casey Sloan
  • Jeremy Smyczek
  • Katharine Stevenson
  • Sarah Sussman
  • Laura Thain

DWRL Alumni

The DWRL has been home to a great deal of talent over the last 30 years! The following list is still under construction, but represents staff members that have both graduated from the lab and from UT.