Policy and Procedures for Instructors

A staffer in the Digital Writing & Research Lab will be responsible for opening and closing all classrooms each day. A staff member will disarm the alarms in all classrooms each morning, and they will turn on the lights in each room to signify that those rooms are available and open for use. Instructors can enter their classroom by swiping their UT ID next to the keypad. Classroom doors will remain closed at all times during which the instructor is not present.

If an instructor enters a classroom and hears a beeping sound, the alarm system in that classroom has not been disarmed. Instructors will need to disarm the alarm system by entering the alarm code within 30 seconds. If you are not able to enter the code, the alarm system will be triggered. Instructors who set off the alarm system must immediately call UT Campus Police at 471-4441 and explain that you set off the alarm. Over the phone, provide them with your name and your PIC (personal identification code).

If an instructor notices problems with the computers or any of the equipment in the classroom, they should request technical support from the proctor on staff, or notify our systems administrator by filing a support ticket.

The Digital Writing & Research Lab hosts a Student Media Lab in Parlin 102. The Student Media Lab is a space that is available to staff members, instructors in DWRL classrooms, and their students.

Instructors in DWRL classrooms are encouraged to direct their students to the Student Media Lab for work on digital assignments. All computers in the Student Media Lab are equipped with the same software as classroom computers.

While instructors are also encouraged to use the Student Media Lab, we request that they do not hold office hours in Parlin 102. Instructors should, however, feel free to use Parlin 102 for work with students on digital projects outside of regular office hours.


Checking Out Equipment

Instructors in the Digital Writing & Research Lab (and their students) may check out any equipment belonging to the DWRL for use on digital projects or in their digital classroom.

To check out equipment, instructors and students will visit the DWRL main office in FAC 8, and an assistant director or the program coordinator will assist in the checkout process. Instructors and students checking out equipment must be prepared to provide their name, EID, and driver’s license or ID number.

The standard checkout period is two weeks.

If an item is not returned to the DWRL by the end of the semester, a note will be placed in the instructor or student’s permanent university record. If the equipment is worth more than $75 and it is not returned before the end of the first week after semester’s end, the borrower’s identifying information will be turned over to university police.

Requesting Equipment and Software

If an instructor requires equipment or software that does not belong to the DWRL, they can contact the program coordinator to request the necessary items.

All instructors who are new to the Digital Writing & Research Lab will be paired with a DWRL staff member, who will be responsible for encouraging the instructor to create and implement digital pedagogy in their classroom. Instructors teaching in DWRL classrooms are expected to use available technologies in creative and innovative ways, and staff members in the DWRL are available to support instructors in this process.

In order to offer instructors additional pedagogical support, the DWRL also staffs a “walk-in” Digital Pedagogy Mentoring Office, located in Parlin 8B. A DWRL staffer will be available in the Mentoring Office, Monday-Thursday 10AM-3PM. Instructors are encouraged to visit the Mentoring Office at any stage in the lesson planning process; staff members are available to brainstorm digital lesson plan or assignment ideas, to assist in digital skills development, to discuss classroom implementation, and to discuss the evaluation and assessment of digital artifacts.

Classroom technical support is available to all instructors teaching in Digital Writing & Research Lab classrooms.

If an instructor encounters a problem with any classroom technology, they can call for technical support by pressing the call button located at the instructor desktop station. A proctor will promptly visit the classroom to offer assistance.

In the unusual event that a proctor is not available, instructors can visit either FAC 8 or Parlin 102 to request support.

FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, is a federal law governing the release of and access to educational records. FERPA applies to personally identifiable information in educational records.

Most importantly, FERPA applies to student work and student grades, which may not be disclosed to anyone besides the student without their express, written permission. This applies to the use of student work as a classroom example or the publishing of student work online. While the Digital Writing & Research Lab encourages instructors in digital classroom to showcase student work on the DWRL website, instructors should secure students’ written permission before submitting student work for publication.

Instructors should note that FERPA requires them to protect students’ grades and personal information when returning assignments and posting students’ grades. Instructors should especially take care when transmitting or posting this information in digital environments. The only approved methods of storing or posting students’ work or grades in digital environments are Canvas and UTBox.

Since UT receives federal funds, FERPA applies to the University of Texas. Your failure to comply with these standards could result in serious consequences, such as job termination. To fully understand FERPA, please read http://registrar.utexas.edu/students/records/ferpa/.

(512) 471-6224

PAR 104a
(512) 471-6224

PAR 102 (Student Media Lab)
(512) 232-1710

FAC 9a
(512) 471-2072

FAC 14
(512) 475-7548

Holly Schwadron
(512) 471-3370

Par 3
(512) 471-2072

University Writing Center
(512) 471-6222

Campus Police
(512) 471-4441

Zone 4 Maintenance (PAR)
(512) 232-3980

Zone 2 Maintenance (FAC)
(512) 471-0043

Custodial Services
(512) 471-5072

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