Preparing White Papers In The CWRL

This white paper launches the CWRL White Paper Series. It establishes a rationale, principles, and guidelines for structuring white papers and suggests how they might be distributed and archived for future use.

series launch pdf

Welcome To The Blogosphere: Using Weblogs To Create Classroom Community

This paper introduces weblogs (“blogs”) and their potential uses in the computer-assisted classroom, especially in composition and literature courses.

blogosphere pdf

A Rationale For Teaching Hypertext Authoring In Literature Courses

In this paper, I present an argument for why literature instructors might choose to incorporate hypertext authoring assignments into their courses.

hypertext authoring pdf

Creating A Single Authentication Scheme For The CWRL

The methods and rationale behind creating a single authentication system for all client and server machines in the CWRL.

authentication pdf

MOO Bots

This paper explores educational ways to program and use bots in a MOO environment.

moo bots pdf

Uses Of PowerPoint In The 314L Classroom

This white paper attempts to examine the use of PowerPoint in educational forums.

powerpoint 314 pdf

Describing Assemblages: Genre Sets, Systems, Repertoires, And Ecologies

Genre theorists agree that genres work together in assemblages. But what is the nature of these assemblages? In this paper I describe four frameworks that have been used to describe assemblages of genres: genre sets, genre systems, genre repertoires, and genre ecologies.

assemblages pdf

Modeling Knowledge Work

In this white paper, we propose two models, communication event models and genre ecology models, that can be paired to productively model and study knowledge work without assuming a strongly determined work structure.

modeling knowledge pdf

XML As A Computational And Rhetorical Technology

This paper provides a brief description of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), the Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformations (XSLT), and XML Schemas.

xml rhetoric pdf

Re-Designing The CWRL Web Site: A Look To The Future

This paper describes the process of re-desiging the CWRL web site and considers implications for the future.

web redesign pdf

Feminist Cyborgs: Teaching Like A Feminist In The Computer Classroom

This whitepaper documents a workshop conducted by CWRL instructors as part of UT’s 2005 Women’s and Gender Studies Conference.

feminist cyborgs pdf

The Current State Of Currents: A Proposal For Improving Our Electronic Journal

This White Paper looks at the staffing and publishing practices of the CWRL e-journal, Currents in Electronic Literacy.

current currents pdf

Creating An Annotated Syllabus For Job Searches And Teaching Portfolios

This whitepaper outlines a model for creating an annotated syllabus that highlights the theoretical and institutional contexts for a given course, as well as the instructor’s critical reflections.

annotated syllabus pdf

Learning To Move: Connecting Pedagogy With Context Through A Difficult Classroom

We trace as a case study the pedagogical rationale behind one CWRL classroom’s physical set-up, instructors’ responses to that set-up, and the Lab’s strategies for improving instructors’ and students’ relationship to that space.

difficult classroom pdf

Issues In Teaching Series

This whitepaper documents the goals of an Issues in Teaching series established by the pedagogy developer group within the CWRL, detailing the creation of the series and the ways in which it is meant to be used by instructors.

issues teaching pdf

Towards A Dynamic Community Identity: Transitioning To A CMS-Driven CWRL Web Site

his paper explains the rationale for moving the CWRL web site from static HTML pages into a content management system (CMS). It anticipates some of the main changes that this move will entail both in our online identity and in the process of creating and managing web content.

cms transition pdf

Restructuring The Computer Writing And Research Laboratory’s Colloquium: Some Prospects For Symposium

This whitepaper articulates some ways in which the CWRL spring colloquium can be reshaped to meet the demands and interests of its intended audience.variety of purposes in the teaching of literature.

symposium pdf

A New Vision For Currents

In this paper, we propose a new, review-based model for the CWRL’s e-journal, Currents in Electronic Literacy.

new currents pdf

Getting To Work: Transitioning To A New Staffing Model

This white paper, written in summer 2005, describes the rationale for the new staffing model of the CWRL, providing historical context and rationale for the new model, which was implemented in the fall of 2005.

new staffing pdf

What Do We Need To Teach About Knowledge Work?

Knowledge work is work in which the primary product is information that is continually interpreted and circulated across organizationally boundaries. This paper examines the teaching practices necessary in a climate of knowledge work.

knowledge work pdf

Automated Customization In The CWRL PC Lab

This whitepaper addresses the issue of customization by offering one way to customize CWRL PCs.

cwrl customization pdf

Rhetorical Peaks: A Design For Teaching Rhetoric In A Gaming Environment

Rhetorical Peaks is a video game designed for use in a freshman-level rhetoric and writing class. The game puts its player in the role of an undergraduate student whose rhetoric professor has died mysteriously.

rhetorical peaks pdf

Grant Writing: Getting Started

This paper offers advice for graduate students seeking grant funding, specifically in the fields of writing and technology.

grant writing pdf

Professionalization Strategies For CWRL Staffers

This white paper outlines strategies for effectively integrating CWRL experience into job search documents. Since most CWRL staffers do not specialize in computers and writing, we will address ways that non-specialists can apply lab experience to their specific situations.

professionalization pdf

Improving And Expanding The eFiles Assignment Database

This paper describes and analyzes the eFiles assignment database as it stands at the end of the Spring 2007 semester. Additionally, it offers strategies for improving the database and increasing its visibility.

improving e files pdf

Drupal Accessibility Modifications At The CWRL

This document gives a technical overview of how the CWRL has modified Drupal (a content management system) to make it more accessible to users with disabilities.

drupal accessibility pdf

Neutralizing Identity: Exploring Language And Gender In A Virtual World

The use of Second Life (SL) as a virtual classroom is envisioned as a space where students can examine topics of gender and language identity

neutralizing identity pdf

Office Work, Knowledge Work: Studying Office Work In An Academic Environment As Knowledge Work

In this informal study, I apply knowledge work concepts from a previous CWRL white paper to a naturalistic study of office staff. Findings indicate that staff are dealing with many knowledge work concerns (communication, time and project management, coordination), but in an ad hoc fashion.

office knowledge work pdf

Digital Writing: Ebooks in the DWRL

This white paper, presented in both .ibooks format and .epub format, inventories and demonstrates the capabilities of ebook technology for the DWRL project groups and specialists, as well as other DWRL projects.

dwrl ebooks pdf