Slatin Prize

The John Slatin Prize for “Mastery of Electronic Media in Education” (MEME) was established in 2003 to encourage the effective integration of pedagogy and technology. In 2008, it was renamed for the first director of the DWRL, John Slatin, whose work inspired and continues to inspire so many in this goal.

The Slatin Prize recognizes assistant instructors—both lab staffers and graduate students teaching in DWRL classrooms—who have designed teaching and learning activities, such as a particular assignment or project in the computer classroom, that originally and effectively integrate pedagogy and technology. Instructors or staffers submit their activity as a handout, description, URL, podcast, or other electronic form, accompanied by a short (no longer than 300 words) rationale describing their pedagogical goal in the exercise and how that goal was enabled or enhanced by a particular classroom technology.

Exercises are judged by the following criteria: creativity, successful integration of pedagogy and technology, pedagogical foundation or rationale, and adherence to the DWRL’s commitment to accessibility. As advanced design is not a criterion of this award, we have encouraged submissions by instructors and staffers with all levels of experience working in computer classrooms. Winners of the Slatin Prize are announced at the Department of Rhetoric and Writing’s annual luncheon, as are the winners of the department’s other prizes: the Maxine Hairston Prize for Excellence in Teaching and the James L. Kinneavy Prize for Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition. Contact Casey Boyle at casey.boyle [ATSIGN] with questions.

Past Winners

The list below includes all past winners of the Slatin Prize. Click on the plus signs to expand individual entries and read more about each year’s winning submission.