Every year, the DWRL invites speakers to the UT campus whose work contributes significantly to our understanding of the ways digital technologies are shaping writing and communication practices. Each Speaker Series talk is recorded and made available online.

K.J. Rawson, 2016

“The Rhetorical Work of Digital Archives”

Collin Brooke, 2015

“Entropics of Discourse: Post/Human Rhetorics Amidst the Networks”

Jody Shipka, 2014

“To Honor, Rival, and Revise: On the Process of Composing Other People’s Lives”

Rita Raley, 2013

“Tactical Media as Speculative Practice”

Audio also available on Soundcloud.

Barbara Biesecker, Joshua Gunn, and Alex Reid, 2012

“Rhetoric, Memory, and Technology”

Video available on Vimeo in four parts:

DJ Spooky, 2011

“Sound Unbound”

Video available on Vimeo in three parts:

Dave Parry, 2010

“Burn the Boats/Books”

Video available on Vimeo in two parts:

Cynthia Selfe, 2009

“Stories That Speak to Us: The Intellectual and Social Work of Literacy Narratives and Digital Archives”

Michael Joyce, 2009

“Touching Upon the Truth”

Lisa Maruca, 2009

“Eighteenth-Century Cyborg Writing: An Unnatural History of Literacy”

Gregory Ulmer, 2008

“ELECTRACY: Writing to Avatar”

Cynthia Haynes, 2007

“Avatar Nation Secedes, Cites Moral Panic as Grounds for Political Divorce”

Victor Vitanza, 2007

“Design as Dasein: Scar …”