Spring 2016 Courses

The Digital Writing and Research Lab is proud to host the following courses:

E603B Composition/Reading World Lit
Jerome Bump 33770

E314J Literature and Film
Cole Wehrle 33820

E314L Banned Books and Novel Ideas
Courtney Barajas 33860

E387M Extrahuman Rhetorical Relations
Diane Davis 34880

E388M Sociocultural Approaches to Technology
Clay Spinuzzi 34890

E350R Animal Humanities
Jerome Bump 36460

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
Kirsten Meemann 43090

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
Thea Williamson 43115

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
Hillary Langberg 43145

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
David Sobey 43155

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
Caroline Barta 43165

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
Mark Sheridan 43175

RHE306 Rhetoric & Writing
Nicole Iverson 43185

RHE309K Rhetoric of Protest
Elizabeth Picherit 43205

RHE309K Rhetoric of Country Music
Dusty Hixenbaugh 43210

RHE309K Rhetoric of the CIA
Keith Leisner 43230

RHE309K Rhetoric of Laughter
Aaron Zacks 43245

RHE309K Rhetoric of the New Yorker
Jay Voss 43265

RHE309K Rhetoric of Satire
Aaron Zacks 43280

RHE309S Critical Reading / Persuasive Writing
Mark Longaker 43300

RHE310 Intermediate Expository Writing
Davida Charney 43306

RHE315 Introduction to Visual Rhetoric
Laura Thain 43308

RHE321 Principles of Rhetoric
Davida Charney 43310

RHE325M Advanced Writing
John Ruskiewicz 43320

RHE328 Writing for Nonprofits
Aaron Zacks 43330

RHE330C Digital Self & Rhetoric
Casey Boyle 43335

RHE330C Writing with Sound
Casey Boyle 43340

RHE330C Networked Writing
Clay Spinuzzi 43345

RHE368C Writing Center Internship
John Ruskiewicz 43380



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