Classroom Procedures

A staffer in the Digital Writing & Research Lab will be responsible for opening and closing all classrooms each day. A staff member will disarm the alarms in all classrooms each morning, and they will turn on the lights in each room to signify that those rooms are available and open for use. Instructors can enter their classroom by swiping their UT ID next to the keypad.

Please keep classroom doors propped open between classes so students do not have to wait in the hallway.

If an instructor enters a classroom and hears a beeping sound, the alarm system in that classroom has not been disarmed. Instructors will need to disarm the alarm system by entering the alarm code within 30 seconds. If you are not able to enter the code, the alarm system will be triggered. Instructors who set off the alarm system must immediately call UT Campus Police at 471-4441 and explain that you set off the alarm. Over the phone, provide them with your name and your PIC (personal identification code).

If an instructor notices problems with the computers or any of the equipment in the classroom, they should request technical support from a staff member, and notify our systems administrator by filing a support ticket.