Flash Fellowship: Arduino Escape Room

Image of interwoven writing tools, including pencil, screwdriver, and mouse

Beyond becoming acquainted with an emerging area of attunement methodology and scholarship, my interest in arduino and microcontroller technology is pedagogical. Intertwined with the expressed goals of the Digital Writing and Research Lab, I aim to design a set of accessible and engaging tutorials and workshops for learning the complex task of transductive writing and … Read more

Nov 16: A Pedagogy Talk with Clay Spinuzzi, “Putting Together RHE 328: Writing for Entrepreneurs.”

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The DWRL is excited to host a Pedagogy Talk with Clay Spinuzzi on Friday, November 16 from 12-1:30 pm in Par 102. As part of an ongoing pedagogy series in coordination with the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, Dr. Spinuzzi will be discussing RHE 328—an open-topic upper-division course that introduces professional and technical writing topics to liberal arts majors. … Read more

Data Visualization: On and Off the Screen

It’s easy to consider digital rhetoric and writing in terms of always-advancing computer technologies. This isn’t inaccurate, and keeping our fingers on the pulse regarding the rhetorical affordances of new software makes for innovative digital writing, research, and pedagogy. At the same time, however, it’s helpful to remember that digital rhetoric is more than what’s … Read more

Lesson Plan: Analyzing and (Re)Performing Vocality

As rhetoric and composition instructors, we typically have students work with written texts, both in analysis and in production. While we might ask students to answer questions about tone and prosody in written texts, often their analyses remained confined to stylistic concerns without attending to questions of delivery. What gets overlooked in this assignment mainstay … Read more

Lesson Plan: Soundscape Narration

With audio technology becoming both more advanced and also more affordable, the options for understanding and exploring the ways in which sound and image interact with one another are becoming ever more practically available. Historically, many film directors have been fascinated with the possibilities of different approaches to the use of sound in their work. … Read more