#TBT: "Avatar Nation Secedes," A Lecture by Dr. Cynthia Haynes (2008)

[x_text]In today’s #TBT post, we showcase Cynthia Haynes’ 2008 talk on avatars, virtual reality, and serious games.

It would be tempting to argue, seven years after Haynes’ lecture, that the “moral panic” over avatars has largely subsided, especially as our ideas about identity in cyber spaces have shifted. The long-simmering controversy over Facebook’s “real names” policy, however, suggests the lingering presence of a moral panic around the issue of cyber identities.

To mark #ThrowbackThursday this week, we invite you to grab a cup of coffee, pop in your earbuds, and take in Cynthia Haynes’ DWRL Speaker Series lecture, “Avatar Nation Secedes.”

We invite you to consider how the landscape of “avatar nation” has changed during the last seven years, and to reflect on the rhetorical implications of our changing views on cyber identities.[/x_text]

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