Using Twitter as a Writing + Research Tool

tweet by tweet

As I mentioned in my last post, Twitter provides students and teachers alike the ability to locate voices that would otherwise go unheard. As promised, this lesson plan helps use Twitter to (1) help students develop a writing practice, (2) refine their arguments, and (3) use hashtags to research a topic. Here’s that lesson plan:

tweet by tweet Tweet by Tweet Objective: begin thinking about final paper, find resources via Twitter Tools: Computer with internet, Twitter account, and Word Assessment: Credit/No Credit based on completion 1) log on, if you don't have a Twitter account, make one and open word doc 2) make a list of hashtags related to your topic in your word doc 3) use a hashtag to write out your thesis statement, save all drafts to the work doc 4) tweet your thesis 5) click through the hashtag you used to find a news story for your upcoming paper, link story in doc 6) return to feed, click through hashtag to find a tweet w/a logical fallacy & add it to word doc 7) identify the logical fallacy by name in your word doc 8) back to the feed and through the hashtag and find tweets at odds with your thesis, add to word doc 9) save word doc and send to your professor



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