The Twine Apocalypse

A red sky over a valley.

If you’re wondering what Twine is, check out my post Twine Games 101. Or, continue on…

The 2015 anthology Videogames for Humans solved a problem unique to anthologizing digital games: if every playthrough of a game might be different, how can a collection represent those possible differences? The answer was, as the text’s subtitle says, to put “Twine authors in conversation.” Each game is presented as a singular playthrough by someone other than the game’s maker. The player makes and records their decisions, offering annotations and reflections to readers along the way.

In the spirit of a rhetorician, I decided to compose an imitation of Videogames for Humans for this post. Text appears in different fonts to distinguish the text of the game from my remarks and decision-making. I hope my playthroughs will entice you to check out a copy of Videogames for Humans, and to play my favorite Twine game a couple of times yourself.

Read two of my playthroughs of anna anthropy’s queers in love at the end of the world after the jump!


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Featured image: “The look of impending destruction.” Credit: “Apocalypse Now” by Ludovico Caldara (2008). Some rights reserved.

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