Twine: The Meta Game

Team Twine was busy in the spring. Kendall, Lily, and I have been hard at work making some wonderful stuff for the DWRL. To help us along, we’ve read books and articles, held meetings and brainstorming sessions, developed our own materials and shared them with each other, facilitated Game Jams for others, and even made our own games. But since the busy semester is coming to a close, I want this post to be simple. For this post, I just want to share with everyone a little game that I’ve made.

My game is called The Meta Game, and as the name implies, it’s a Twine game that teaches people the basics of using Twine. “The basics” include creating links, setting up a static site for images that the game can use, and positioning text so that game designers can make their games look as polished as they’d like.

It might sound a little involved; but I assure you, it isn’t.  Play The Meta Game yourself. You’ll be making your own Twine game in minutes!!!


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