Cool Tools: Podcasting with Audacity (and beyond)

A close-up photograph of a studio microphone. The microphone extends into the left half of the frame. In the background on the right, and out of focus, is a set of Behringer headphones lying on a white table.

At the beginning of this semester, I gave a little lab-internal introduction to audio recording and editing. Since then, a number of people have asked me to share the materials from this workshop or come to their class and get their students going on podcast projects.

Since there seems to be a real interest in learning more about audio, I wanted to make my introductory materials available on our lab blog. I worked on Zeugma, the lab’s now discontinued podcast, for two years and the workshop is most directly geared to that sort of work, but much of it applies equally to other aspects of recording and editing, for instance in music production.

In terms of software, the material concentrates on Audacity. Because it’s free and open source. Because it works across platforms, from Windows to MacOS to Unix-based operating systems. Because it’s simple, yet quite powerful, especially for beginners.

You can find the slides of the workshop on SlideShare.

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