Crowd Sourcing Augmented Reality

Felipe Cruz

Locative Media, Pedagogy, Tools

Recently a new augmented reality app called Capsule came to my attention. It is intended to be an augmented reality social network based on location. Having an unique moment while walking somewhere in the city? Take a photo or video, put it into a capsule and drop at the location where it happened. Other users of the app will be able to see the moment you recorded as they walk by the same location, hours or years later.

A Discussion on Discussions

Felipe Cruz

Assignments, Pedagogy, Tools

Among teachers, silence is always a concern. You assign an intriguing, provocative and controversial reading to your students, hoping for a lively discussion in the classroom, a debate which will spark new ideas and lead to the questioning of old assumptions (assuming, that is, that students have in fact done the reading). But then, one is often met with silence. What went wrong? Did the reading not resonate with the students? Did they not find it interesting? Did they not

Between This and That Reality

Felipe Cruz

Locative Media

A few weeks ago, my casual walk on campus suddenly turned into a police incident. As my colleague Deb Streusand recently wrote on our blog, we have been playing an augmented reality game called Ingress. It turns the entire world into a battle between two factions trying to conquer and control portals, which are based on actual physical locations. Like her, I have found Ingress addictive. My walks from campus to home now usually take three times as long, as