Flash Fellowship: Arduino Escape Room

Image of interwoven writing tools, including pencil, screwdriver, and mouse

Beyond becoming acquainted with an emerging area of attunement methodology and scholarship, my interest in arduino and microcontroller technology is pedagogical. Intertwined with the expressed goals of the Digital Writing and Research Lab, I aim to design a set of accessible and engaging tutorials and workshops for learning the complex task of transductive writing and … Read more

Lesson Plan: Genre and Music

In Carolyn Miller’s foundational text in Rhetorical Genre Studies, “Genre as Social Action,” (1984) she asserts the utility in studying “homely discourses.” Examining the quotidian genres we interact with on a daily basis does not “trivialize the study of genres,” Miller states, but it actually “take[s] seriously the rhetoric in which we find ourselves immersed.” … Read more

Workshop Recap: R and Twitter

Lars Hinrichs, pictured center, leads the workshoppers through an intro to the language of R.

In the first workshop of the fall semester, Lars Hinrichs brought his knowledge of English Language and Linguistics to the DWRL for an introduction to R and Twitter. While Twitter’s reputation certainly preceded itself, the workshop began with an introduction to R — a necessary introduction for those of us unfamiliar with current research practices … Read more