2019 Flash Fellowships

Sarah Welsh and Rae Piwarski working on a screen cast.

At the start of each Fall semester, staffers and students affiliated with the DWRL have the opportunity to apply for Flash Fellowships. These awards provide recipients with the time, funding, and technical resources they need to accomplish a contained project related to their own research and scholarship. Assistant instructors and staffers articulate their flash fellowship’s … Read more

Flash Fellowship: DWRLy the Arduino Robot

A Black, bipedal Arduino-based robot dancing

Besides serving as the DWRL’s future mascot, DWRLy the bipedal robot serves as a prototype for Arduino-based socially assistive robots (SARs) for people with developmental and cognitive disabilities. My project in creating DWRLy is to experiment with the different functions for which an Arduino can be used in creating SARs—including bipedalism, humanlike movements such as … Read more

Flash Fellowship: The Ghana Election Petition

Hand dropping ballot in a locked ballot box

Inspired by Damien Pfister’s collection of the rhetoric of computational propaganda that occurred on Facebook during the 2016 US election, my project is an archive on key materials covering an election petition filed in Ghana’s Supreme Court following disputed presidential elections in 2012. The archive includes courtroom discourse spanning eight months of deliberations, transcripts of … Read more

Flash Fellowship: Data/Finance/Management

Monopoly money on the ground, ice and broken glass.

Writing on the financial crisis of the early 2000s, Edward LiPuma has observed the ways that houses became the central media by which Americans understood their financial assets. Presently, public, private, and personal data produced in and by merely living amongst the Internet of Things becomes increasingly economized. Collective practices such as data mining and … Read more