Summer Lab 2017

An illustration of the sun with the words Summertime and the living is easy written on it.

Every summer, the DWRL admin team takes refuge from the blistering Texas sun in the air-conditioned sanctuary of our classrooms and workspaces, where we conspire and collude as we’re rushin’ to put together the upcoming year’s research program. From the beginning of June to the end of August, we work through the behind-the-scenes details to … Read more

Accessibility Project Update: Mapping Narratives of Access

In the DWRL’s ongoing Accessibility project, we’ve kicked off the semester by asking: What makes a story visible or invisible? How does visibility affect accessibility? We considered whether or not popularity, or “trending,” obfuscate access to less normative narrative, and if “fake news” and “alternative facts” operate to distract from, obscure, and ultimately hide “true … Read more

Invisible Knowledge

Screenshot shows that "trump meme" is the top result.

Since you’re reading this online publication, I imagine that you, like me, leave hundreds of digital traces every day. A lot of these traces are things we can see–things like emails, texts, blog posts, twitter posts, photographs, Youtube comments, or Facebook likes. But today I’m particularly interested in the invisible, unintentional digital traces we leave–things … Read more

Remixing the News

Banner that reads Citation Needed

In the last couple weeks, we’ve heard a lot about fake news, and “post-truth” was recently named by Oxford Dictionaries as its word of the year. One of the things this has had me thinking about is not only how news stories proliferate online, but how information transforms as it circulates. In particular, I’m interested … Read more

Summer Lab

Desert scene with dried ocatillo.

Throughout the summer the lab admin team puts our collective heads together to figure out what the DWRL will focus on this coming year. We’ve been at it since June and have made great progress, but most of it is behind the scenes. Since lab staffers aren’t producing new content for the site, our output … Read more