Workshop: Managing Long-Term Projects, 9/9/16

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Flyer for "Managing Long-term Projects" workshop, 1-3pm Friday Sept 9, PAR 102. Text layered over an illustration of a long road leading into mountains at dusk

Got a long road ahead? You don’t have to travel alone. Join us this Friday between 1 and 3pm in PAR 102 for our Managing Long-Term Projects Workshop, where you’ll learn project management strategies and digital tools to make your next major project a breeze. If you have questions about the event or need to request accommodations, email Jake Cowan at This is the first event in a semester-long series of digital skills workshops hosted by the Digital Writing

Introducing our Spring 2016 Research Priorities: Augmented Reality

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Locative Media

Google cardboard headset on a table

Like last semester, our Spring 2016 Priority in Locative Media is Augmented Reality. Mobile interfaces—including but not limited to smartphones and wearable devices—allow information and sensory experience to be layered over the physical-geographic world, mediating and supplementing users’ perceptions of ‘reality’, space, and place. Given the increased prevalence of such technologies and intense recent interest in rhetorics of space and place, such additions to the lived environment afford rich possibilities for rhetorical scholarship and instruction.

Introducing Our Spring 2016 Research Priorities: Twine Games

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A simple twine configuration

In August 2014, a culture war was touched off by the success of the text-based browser game Depression Quest, which was built with an open-source text-based tool called Twine. Depression Quest, like many Twine games, contests the highly policed definition of a “videogame”; indeed, Twine has empowered a cohort of game designers—many of whom are underrepresented in mainstream gaming culture—to design and disseminate games that critique or altogether abandon the violent, corporate, masculinist, and even humanist values of predominant gamer

From the Archive: Learning To Move: Connecting Pedagogy With Context Through A Difficult Classroom

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History, Pedagogy

The lab is hosting a open house this coming Friday that showcases the pedagogical work that our staff members have been doing this semester. We’re planning on rearranging one of our rooms a bit to fit everyone in, and this got us thinking about how drastically the physical classroom can impact the course of a semester. Here’s a look back as some former lab members worked through these issues.

From the Archive: Preparing White Papers in the CWRL

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We’d like to kick off our “From the Archive” series with former lab director Peg Syverson’s initial white paper. It “launches the CWRL White Paper Series. It establishes a rationale, principles, and guidelines for structuring white papers and suggests how they might be distributed and archived for future use.” The white paper series lasted essentially five years, from 2003 until the early winter of 2008. Including a latecomer from 2013, the lab has published 30 white papers, and over the