Lesson Plan: Filter Bubbles

We constantly consume media — whether television, internet, or radio. According to Pew, a whopping 62% of adults get their news from social media. This is troubling, considering the pervasive filter bubble; depending on our interests, social media and search engines filter their results to match our preferences. Hence the bubble. The Wall Street Journal … Read more

Bibliography Management

Wooden desk strewn with loose papers and spiral notebooks

In high school, works cited pages always gave me pause. I would print the specifications of the bibliography style and take great care not to misplace a period or a comma. Invariably, it took me far longer than I expected. When I was in college, I started to use sites like Easybib. But by then, … Read more

Cool Tools: Tableau

Tableau map made by the author with the title Does Rising Tuition Influence the Degrees Students Seek?
An example of a Tableau map by the author; the title at the top reads "Does Rising Tuition Influence the Degrees Students Seek?" On the right, there is a color chart indicating that the more yellow the color, the fewer the number of students per capita and the more red the color, the higher the number of students per capita. The top half of the image shows a map of the United States, each state in varying shades of red and yellow, depending on the number of enrolled undergraduate students. The bottom is a bar graph with, on the left side, the number of associate's degrees per state and, on the right, the relative expense of tuition in each state.
I explored the relationship between tuition costs and degree selection using Tableau. Full-resolution version here.

Last Friday, the DWRL hosted another workshop in preparation for the digitally accessible map we plan to create for our diverse student body. In conjunction with a discussion of collecting and analyzing data, Amy Tuttle provided an excellent lesson on Tableau, an online service that allows users to re-present data in creative ways, like this visualization of the relationship between the numbers of students enrolled and doctoral degrees earned by Reinhard Mueller, one of our staff members.

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