The Useful Art of Coding

Lily Zhu

Accessibility, Games, Multimodal Writing

user versus coder

By the time I finished writing this blog post, I had come to a realization that wasn’t even on my mind at the start: The active function (in as utilitarian a sense as possible) of an object is just as important in creative production as its affective and aesthetic potential.

Introducing Our Research Areas: Accessibility

DWRL Staff


Image showing chalk drawings of accessibility symbols on a dark background

Throughout its history, the DWRL has had a persistent commitment to accessibility. Following in the footsteps of former lab director John Slatin, who played a key role in making the Internet more accessible to people with disabilities, DWRL staffers in this research area work with a broad definition of “accessibility” as they investigate and experiment with technologies designed to make digital spaces more open, usable, and accessible.